Welcome to Samye Hermitage Bali Buddhist Center

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We wish to benefit all sentient beings through providing facilities for the programs and activities that preserve and propagate the Chokling Tersar.

The facilities are divided into two clusters: Dharma Gate Cluster and Core Dharma Cluster

Dharma Gate Cluster

Dharma Gate Cluster are display and facilities for public to get in touch with meditation, general Buddhism, and intro to Vajrayana and Chokling Tersar Lineage via Samye’s Programs.

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Core Dharma Cluster

Core Dharma Cluster is an area for practitioners of Chokling Tersar to do their own retreats.

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Our center offers a diverse programme of lessons and training courses in different spheres, such as Buddhism teachings, meditation practices, yoga, concentration and so on. Classes take place in shrine rooms and yoga studio almost every day. You are welcome!

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